Consumerism as Birthright

I imagine that for most Thanksgiving was shopping shotgun day part one. This sort of myopic view of this season is at least a collective psychotic episode and at most a cultural delusion of idolatry. Neither of which is a good thing. It should come as no shock that our commercial infused existence has been […]

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Lite weights.

A while back my father and I were talking about going to church and the importance there of for believers. He said something very true. “You can’t be a Christian by remote control.” One of the more troubling signs of our dualistic societal thinking is that we have confused the purpose of the little white […]

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Rebellion in Moderation

Any time you attempt to speak against sin you run the risk of sounding like the old curmudgeon who stopped going out-doors unless it was to yell at the kids who’s Frisbee tragically made it’s way into his lawn. It is a risk worth taking though, especially when the sin is so blatantly harmful. Under […]

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