“Bright” lights. Dim minds.

Recently Dawkins tweeted some things about rape and comparison that had a lot of people in a huff. Basically, people get hurt feelings and in our society of tolerance that is the one thing that won’t be tolerated. I don’t want to defend Dawkins statements here but I do take issue with his response to […]

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double vision

In the generations we are raising there is a truth that gets taken for granted that adults seem to understand well. This truth amalgamates into our way of thinking the older and wiser we become that I think would be very helpful to examine briefly in this post. Many times I see students making poor […]

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Coercion masquerading as humor.

“Satire may be mad and anarchic, but it presupposes an admitted superiority in certain things over others; it presupposes a standard.” ― G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy I have thought often about how the left seems to have the monopoly on comedic influence in culture. With the Colbert Report and Daily Show leading the way in subversive point making […]

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A Field Hockey Grape Stomp.

Prioritizing time is not something that most of us consciously do other than when we are reminded to do so or if it is the start of a new year. We are however always prioritizing our time because we are always making choices about what we will do next. We don’t often think about how […]

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Dealing Death Rattles

One of the things that has always troubled me about the death penalty is that everyone gets one eventually. We know that Christ paid for the penalty of sin, and the penalty for sin is death, but not the physical kind of death but the eternal kind which is, as one could only imagine much […]

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