Coercion masquerading as humor.

“Satire may be mad and anarchic, but it presupposes an admitted superiority in certain things over others; it presupposes a standard.” ― G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy I have thought often about how the left seems to have the monopoly on comedic influence in culture. With the Colbert Report and Daily Show leading the way in subversive point making […]

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small gods carry big guns

I recently heard a US General make the claim that the sword that Jesus will carry when He returns will not be a literal sword, but an AR-15. (Pictured above: A literal AR-15.) General Boykin also claims that the blood staining Jesus’ robe will be from the blood of his enemies. Basically, the image we […]

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The Everlasting Man

I have a belief that when Jesus said “the path to life is narrow” it was because so few people were on it, not because there wasn’t enough room. The path widens when more people get on it and that is a good thing. I think God is in the road construction business. And it […]

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Leaning on the switch

So I have been asked to elaborate further on this problem I see in Christian circles (and more notably in culture) of anti-intellectualism. First of all it is important to note that the person writing this can only check the box “some college completed” when filling out any applicable forms. So I hope it is […]

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Duck, Duck, Goose.

I just want to begin by saying that I’ve never watched an episode of Duck Dynasty. First, I don’t have cable, I have an antenna that picks up some really good HD signal. I get the usual stations and they are enough for me to watch football so I’m content. Second. I have a beard, […]

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Consumerism as Birthright

I imagine that for most Thanksgiving was shopping shotgun day part one. This sort of myopic view of this season is at least a collective psychotic episode and at most a cultural delusion of idolatry. Neither of which is a good thing. It should come as no shock that our commercial infused existence has been […]

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