Random thoughts on the Election

I’ve slept my slumber

I’ve dreamt my dreams

I’ve read the words

I’ve woke it seems…

…to absurdity

Yes I have been away from the blog life but once more it comes crawling up my back to wheeze heavily into my ear.

This election has me doing all sorts of tap dancing in my soul. Not because I am happy with the result but because this is without a doubt the strangest thing I could never have imagined. I get the pleasure of doing the autopsy of this election cycle. Maybe I shouldn’t be too giddy, but pardon me if I can’t help but have the tune of “Ding dong the witch is dead.” playing on repeat in my internal jukebox.

Liberals are crying out that every caricature they have portrayed conservatives to be in this country is actually true. Hold on, let me arrange my face into a “shocked” position.

It’s like when the bully at school keeps pushing a kid over and over and over again and the kid snaps and decks him with a swift right hook. The bully then runs away to teacher crying “he hit me!”

Alfred Explains…

The first 26 seconds of this clip really captures what happened.

So the left said of the right “You’re a bunch of white, privileged, racist, mean, spiteful, unintelligent, loud, stupid, sexist, hypocritical, selfish, ego driven chauvinists” and the right in turn said “I call and raise you 500.”

For now I’ll leave you with couple more great takes on this election.

Pastor Wilson in typical sardonic fashion…


Peter Hitchens with some fine observations…



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