Sin and Consequence

I heard a great quote this week. “You can choose your sin, but you can’t choose your consequence.” How many times have we done the wrong thing, and then were very displeased with what happened afterward?

Everyday we are presented with choices, and sin is often one of them. We can choose whether or not we will engage in a particular sin. Yet, given our options on the front side of sin, the back side of sin offers up no choice. In essence the main consequence of sin (besides death) is the abandonment of freedom. To move yourself from free, to slave.

Often sin is something that is presented to us as “freedom.” As often rebellion is something that is the most closely associated with freedom. But sin does not make you free, it eliminates it all together.

In obvious ways we understand this. When a man kills another, he loses his rights. He goes to jail. His physical condition and situation is apparent, he is no longer free.

However, it is in the smaller more hidden ways in which we miss the same thing occurring in our own lives. When a man tells a lie, he sins. But in doing so he abandons the freedom that truth brings. He is now bound to the lie and must create other lies to bolster this falsehood.

Of course, the way out of this is repentance. It’s a word and concept that makes us wince.

If you are caught in a consequence right now, if you are experiencing the pain, anguish and negative impact of a sin or series of sins in you life you must answer the question. Am I more free or less free now?

The good news is as 2 Corinthians 3:17 tells us… “where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”


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