Today’s absurdity is tomorrows progress.

Yesterday I made a post that caused quite the hullabaloo. I ended up having to take it down. There were as they  say”too many eggs in the pudding.” So I decided to throw that batch out and start over.

Consider this the reset button. I’ve taken out the cartridge and blown off the dust and I’m attempting to put it back in. Lets hope I don’t get a green flashy screen.

My post posed a question that was essentially asking if once gay rights advocates get their way, if they will move on to fight for equality for polygamy and later down the line incestuous marriages.

What was interesting is how most people commented on how I said what I said, or wanted to talk about homosexual marriage and not on what I was actually asking. Inciting a riot is easy I guess. (Looking at you Baltimore.)

The point of my question is not whether homosexual marriage is wrong or not. And those who actually read the question and responded to that felt that it was absurd. And therein lies my point. It is absurd to think that gay rights activists and advocates would get done fighting and think, “ya know what, there are still people who can’t get married to the people they love.” and then go off and try to broaden the definition even more. But there are those who want to broaden it even more and if you try to stop them, well what’s with all the hate man.

But 60 years ago it was absurd to think that divorce would be normal and 30 years ago that gay marriage would be legal. Today’s absurdity is tomorrows progress. And this isn’t just speculative. The seeds for this shift are already happening.

And this is not an equal rights issue, as much as it is framed up that way. This is an issue of definition and who gets to do the defining. Marriage has always been equal, as everyone has always been free to marry whomever they wish within the boundaries set, and there are always boundaries around what something is and what it isn’t.

See, everyone is discriminatory. Gay marriage advocates want to draw a circle around who should be included and so do traditional marriage advocates. We just disagree about how big the circle should be. If you say that there should be no limits on who should get married I would remind you that Chimpanzees have recently been awarded the status of person. But of course that’s crazy and “nobody wants that!” And I would just say…  yet.


One thought on “Today’s absurdity is tomorrows progress.

  1. Well maybe they will but they love biologically exactly like us straight people. Its not a matter how but who. And homosexuality has been a part of human history since the first fire.

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