On judging sin (or only appearing to)

There is a big difference between calling something a sin and judging people for their sin.

“God is our judge” and to this I say yes and amen.

But in our culture there are certain sins that if you call it as such people will automatically feel judged or feel that you are being judgmental.

If I call out greed no one tries to Christian shame me. Ooh, I got dibs on #Christianshaming

But this is more because no one believes themselves to be greedy.

If I call out lying, everyone nods in agreement. Why? Because no one likes being lied to. We think of others as the dishonest ones and never really ourselves.

The reason that “generic sins” don’t get people up in arms is that they are so general that they hide perfectly in our hearts without seeing them.

A murderer knows he is a murderer, but a man who has anger in his heart believes he is a good man. It’s meek and mild Jesus who judges him as a murderer.

As Christians we should not judge people outside of Christ. And for those who are a part of Christ we must be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. And when it comes to those in Christ we are not even judging their sin, we are judging the fruit of their lives (what they produce).

Sin is not our domain of judgement, but it should be our domain to speak the truth about, especially to ourselves.


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