Progressively moving somewhere.

One of the major fallacies of progressives is in thinking that all progress is somehow filed under the good kind. With this is the thought that any impediment to what culture wants is also automatically categorized as being “on the wrong side of history”. But there are many who have been on the wrong side of history (at the time) who happened to have been right. It is also a mistake to say that one kind of fight for “equality” is the same as all the others. I may indeed fight for the voting rights of my sisters, but I need not fight for the right for a redefinition of what marriage is.

There is also discrimination at all sides and at all times. We talk in our nation as if discrimination is the worst thing that can happen, but we all discriminate and not all discrimination is unwarranted. I discriminate against Bud Light because I think it’s a terrible beer. I refuse to drink it. I discriminate against surrounding myself with negative and vile people who exist solely for their own interest because bad company corrupts good character and I don’t even have good character so I’d hate to see what it would do to me.

There are many photographers who would refuse to work a KKK wedding. We of course file that under “we don’t support hate” but if you believe that same sex mirage (to borrow a term from Doug Wilson) is hatred against God himself then to not support such a thing is just (even if you disagree).

My point here is that culture is either legislating morality or immorality and I’d prefer a moral nation to an immoral one, and I’d prefer Christ to either of those options.


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