The Click Bait of Satan.

Sometimes I attempt to tweet something that I realize must be expounded upon as to get to my meaning. Brevity may be the soul of wit but perhaps we need to re-think what brevity is. There is something that I have noticed for a while now and it bothers me to a degree that I can not fully articulate in 140 characters.

Essentially, we must be wary of “news” organizations that demand our outrage over something sinful whilst profiting directly from that outrage and proliferating it. This happens most frequently in the online world. For example; a “news” website will have a line on the top of their page of pictures that are links to “outrageous” or “shocking” articles with some celebrity (usually a woman) who is half naked or revealing too much.

Satan is called the great accuser because he stands back points out the sinner and attempts to draw everyones attention toward this person. He demands your outrage, he demands you react. He demands your judgement and insult. But this is the bait of Satan, and in our time we call it “click bait.” Sure, sin is sin and we should not be afraid to call it that. However, Satan wants us to focus on what is wrong with everyone else while we engage secretly in the very thing we are calling out.

How many times has there been a video or picture (or group of pictures) that gets circulated around and even make it to television. News anchors or TV personalities display their disgust and shake their heads. “Can you believe what Miley Cyrus did in that performance? She’s just terrible, what a horrible role model… lets see it again.”

And what frustrates me the most is that no one ever sees that they are perpetuating the very thing they are calling out. This is the ripple effect of sin of course and it is the way in which sin hides itself in plain sight.


One thought on “The Click Bait of Satan.

  1. How does satan attempt to draw everyone’s attention to the sinful person? Is it satan that makes murderers, gays and other sinners an attraction? Or is it, as I suspect the free will of humans and media outlets. We are attracted to an exciting story, always will be. If satan is so powerful that he can distract people with sin what does that say for your all powerful all good and all merciful God?? It appears that God has little to do with someone’s day to day expirences compared to his evil counterpart… It’s easier to imagine a world free of supernatural gods and/or demons. It’s also liberating not to live under some kind of celestial dictatorship that watches your every move and even knows your thoughts! Then that dictator(god) will sentence you to ETERNITY in hell, based on your comparably short terrestrial life, just for thinking something! Atleast when you die you can leave North Korea, if you are a Christian you believe in a petty, benevolent, jelous and evil God…. Imagine if you had created an ant hill and some of the ants praised a God that wasn’t you or questioned the reality of a God in general b/c of the severe lack of empirical evidence would you sentence those ants to an eternity to a fiery after life? Seems rather petty.

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