Single people: God loves married people more than you and if you’re single something is wrong with you.

Now that I have your attention that title is a lie, but it is one that you have probably felt that Christians believe deep down even if they don’t say it.

For a while now I have been hearing from many single Christian people around my age, an insecurity in their place. Some have attributed the perpetuation of these thoughts to the Church. They believe or have felt that the Church has glorified marriage and left all single people out of the equation. They feel overlooked, while we married people continue to sing “Ah, look at all the lonely people.”

A quick skim of the Bible would makes it plain to see how this is an error that is easy to make, after all this whole situation got started when God said that it was not good for man to be alone and made woman. The Bible is also filled with “covenant” language, words that drip with promise rooted in unconditional life long love. There is even an entire book dedicated to marriage and all the benefits found therein. The Church is referred to as the “bride of Christ.” Many parables that Jesus tells involve weddings. Heck, His first miracle is at a wedding.

This kind of saturation makes it understandable that Christians can begin to idolize marriage as the “end all be all” to oneness with God.

However, marriage does not exist so that we would glorify it, marriage exists so that in it we will glorify God. What brings us in unity with God is not marriage, but Jesus. Marriage points to something bigger, it points to Jesus. And it is this type of relationship with God that is provided to us through Jesus Christ, not marriage. This is also not exclusively for married people. Single Christians, in their singleness can (and do) bring Glory to God because they, like us hitched folk, are the bride of Christ.

Christ loves His bride, and covenant loving bestows loveliness. We are made lovely by God’s love.

So to all my single Christian friends who feel disenfranchised by the Church, and to all my Christian married friends we must realize that we all have to answer the question “is Jesus enough?”


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