Post Easter Blues.

There is an understandable feeling of “let down” after an Easter service. Perhaps you have already got yours out of the way or perhaps you are still sitting comfortably on a could hovering Jupiter at this moment. But sooner or later the news of Easter, the very good news of Easter will leave you feeling with a sense that things are still not right. Yes Jesus is risen, but ISIS doesn’t seem to be slowing down, essentially we still have issues.

We appear to be living in a place of extremes, with the main extreme being that of complacency. We are complacent to the point where the greatest news in the history of mankind can and has been reduced to an elevator nod, you know, that sheepish half hearted attempt to connect with a person with whom you will only share 30 seconds with.

So we are left wondering “now what?” And it is a place that is not unique to our present time or situation. The disciples too were left with an incredible experience and transformative message. A risen Christ was in their midst and they wanted things to go back to the way they were. But things could never go back to the way they were, the resurrection of Christ was the tipping point of all history and it was all downhill from there.

Jesus gives them (and us) the great commission. Basically, there is work to do. Recently I met with a group of pastors. One of them had been studying why people don’t want to affiliate themselves with any religious group “why are we so secular?” There are many branches of discussion from this topic but one of the heavier ones that we discussed was “why don’t people believe in God’s word?” What is interesting is that when this question is raised it is mostly directed toward non-believers. As in, why don’t they (non believers) believe in the Bible? But the real issue is not why don’t they believe, but why don’t we?

The power of the Gospel does not end with us being really happy that we’ve heard it. There are people in our everyday lives that need Jesus and our answer should not be to try and make Jesus appealing or approachable or any of that patronizing nonsense. People just need more Jesus. Allow the truth of who He is to do the work.

He is the answer. So lets believe the answer.


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