The Religion of Atheists.

One of the biggest flaws with atheism and in turn atheists is the notion that atheism is some sort of new idea. More historically attuned atheists will of course be able to track down their nihilistic roots back further but on the whole, especially among those touting religion (specifically Christianity) as some sort of disease tend to view atheism as an enlightened state, fresh off the boat.

They would love for us to think that this is some new state of intellectual achievement, throwing off the former chains of living in a universe controlled by an all seeing and all knowing deity. Yet, they never see the inherent flaw in their premise, that if our world is indeed a product of naturalism and evolutionary luck devoid of any direction and intent, then the last thing an atheist should believe is the thoughts he is thinking in that bundle of meat and chemicals.

This idea that “free thinking” somehow makes one free takes us right back to the garden when the serpent said “did God really say?” This is not a new idea at all, it has been with us from the very beginning.

Of course the great self deception that an atheist has to compose is to rebel and then claim there was nothing to rebel against. He then carries a disdain for all those “lesser faith dwellers” and has the audacity to call it a love for all mankind. They then do not see their hypocrisy for blind evolution has become their god and Darwin it’s prophet.


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