God is knowable… and a mystery.

This week we are kicking off our new series: Living in the Tension. One of the things that we recognize at Life’s Oasis is that there are Biblical truths that we want to pass down to the next generation. Part of that passing down process comes with wrestling with tough questions ourselves and not being afraid to live in unresolved tension. See, not every tension needs to be resolved. A lot of us (especially in the Church) like to resolve tensions by picking one side or another and holding fast to that. For example, this weekend we declared the truth that God can be known, and we also declared the truth that God is a mystery.

If I go through my whole life only believing that God can be fully known and then God does something that I don’t understand or expect my faith is shaky because my view of God is standing on one leg instead of two. As a Pastor I have seen this happen countless times. A person has faith in God, thinks they know all there is to know about God and then they are hit with a situation or event in life that challenges their shallow view. People walk away from God and the Church all the time because of this.

Conversely, if I went through my whole life believing that God is a complete mystery then I discredit the very presence and purpose of Christ here on this earth. To those who make this claim, I would simply ask how they came to know this, because the statement itself logically disintegrates when you realize that the only way to know that God is completely unknowable would be if God himself told you, which makes something known about God.

But as we learned, God is both knowable and a mystery. These are not competing truths, they are held perfectly in tension by God and we must not fall into the trap of desiring to make this whole Jesus thing really easy on our minds. After all, if contradictions intimidate us then Christ is the most menacing figure in all of History.


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