Loving unlovable people.

When it comes to following Jesus there are some ditches on either side of the road that we have to look out for when it comes to loving people. The first ditch is that of holding everyone to a standard of works righteousness. This mentality goes something like “if only you all thought and behaved perfectly, everything would be OK.” But the truth is, is that no one is perfect, and everyone is downright unlovable at times. Chesterton is helpful here when he says “Stated baldly, charity certainly means one of two things–pardoning unpardonable acts, or loving unlovable people.”

The other ditch is that of cheap grace. Cheap grace is like an Oreo that got dropped into a glass of milk and was left there for a week. Flimsy, soggy and spoiled. Cheap grace is the habit of peace fakers who believe themselves to be peace makers. This is easy to understand and an easy ditch to fall into because this whole loving people thing involves confronting sin head on, and who wants to do that? This usually means that we have to confront sin where it is, and that happens to be in people.

So how do we confront the sin and love the sinner at the same time? Well, we should probably believe God and His word as a start and know that He is the standard we lift up.

Simply put, God is really good and He loves us enough to meet us where we are, but He also loves us enough to not allow us to linger there for too long. He wants us to grow, no matter where we are in our walk with Him.

So if you know people who are tough to love, just keep right on loving them. If they know Jesus and are tough to love, just keep right on loving them. If they hurt you, wrong you and are tough to love, just keep on loving them. For what virtue is love, but to love the unlovable?


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