First step to change in 2015

This past Saturday and Sunday we looked at how to change in 2015. I believe that all of us have something in our lives that we know that we need to change or that we should change but we have been either unwilling or unable to make that change. At a glance it would seem like we all have different issues in our lives that need to be addressed in order to put us on the right path. However, I firmly believe that we actually all have one core issue in our hearts and lives that if we individually and corporately were to embrace it would change our lives and communities.

We all avoid repentance.

Sure we make changes here and there and say sorry occasionally, but if we are honest the idea and act of repenting is often repulsive to us. Recently I sat in a court room on behalf of a fellow Christian and witnessed person after person approach the judge. There were certain people that just by seeing the way they acted and behaved you could predict who would be back in front of the judge. And all of them lacked the same basic thing, repentance.

Repentance is important because it really is the starting place for true and lasting change. We can fill our heads with all the scripture and worship songs and feel good prayers we want, but until we make a complete decision to acknowledge the wrongness of our current state and to embrace the rightness of God’s ways we won’t really change at the core of who we are.

A couple of weeks ago during the Christmas break I was watching an ESPN 30for30 film featuring Brian Bosworth. Bosworth or “the Boz” as he would become known was a talented and controversial player for Oklahoma and in his youth and arrogance hurt many people. Yet, in the documentary years later Bosworth is a completely different man. There are clips of him showing remorse for who he used to be as well as apologizing to his old teammates and coaches. I remember seeing this and thinking “this guy has to be a Christian.” So I got my phone out and googled him. Sure enough he is.

I don’t know what you need to change but remember that repentance is critical for real and lasting change.


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