Glory and Consequence.

I heard a story recently about a man at a Star Bucks drive through who felt compelled by God to pay for the coffee for the person behind him. So he did, and the person that he paid for was so touched that he paid for the car behind him. This continued uninterrupted for hours. It indeed may be a miracle for caffeine deprived people to look out for those other than themselves but what really is happening is that a single act of obedience opened the door for others to follow.

See, God’s presence flows from obedient lives and it can ripple into those who never saw it coming.

We can never fully anticipate or predict what being obedient to God will do in our lives and in the lives of people both near and far. And what often keeps us from being obedient to God is fear of the unknown. But God calls us to do what He has said and give Him the consequences.

Sometimes we are called to make tough choices where it seems like obedience will cost us greatly, and sometimes it does but there is a higher price to pay for not obeying the Father.

Whatever your situation in this season of life I pray that you would be obedient to what you know God has said and that in wisdom and humility you give Him the Glory and the Consequences.


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