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One of the biggest (and most dangerous) assumptions that we can make as Christians especially around Christmas time is that “none of my friends want me to invite them to Church.” Christmas eve stands as an incredible opportunity to invite those close to us who do not have a relationship with Jesus and/or those who do not have a Church home. It is right that we do this inviting because Jesus is inviting.

A big misconception about Christianity and Christ is that it/He is “exclusive” when in actuality it/He is the most inclusive of faiths. Jesus came for “the world” and that includes everyone on it, past, present, future and even those we wish would move to a different planet.

At Life’s Oasis we believe that our job is never done so long as there are empty seats next to us. We believe that being the Church extends far beyond what we hear on Saturday and Sunday and is composed of what we do on Monday through Friday.

You may be surprised that there are people who are waiting for you to invite them to your Church. God has left the Gospel in our hands but most of us have hidden it down in our pockets and forgotten which pair of pants we left it in. Let’s not let another Christmas season pass us by without inviting someone who needs Jesus.

Let’s be the Church, let’s love people to life.

In Christ,

Ben Bowman


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