Take the ride.

This past Saturday and Sunday I asked a question that has been running around in my head all week. “Why does the voice of wisdom threaten me?” In asking the question I realized the truth; I sometimes don’t want to hear from God or from others who have wisdom for me because I usually know what they are going to say. Many people claim to want to hear from God in the most desperate times of their lives, but what about listening to the voice of wisdom long before we ever get into those situations in the first place?

This difficulty in choosing to listen is wrapped up and rooted in our foundational error of thinking that the Christian life is about accepting Jesus on OUR terms. For most of us this starts at our moment of conversion when the gift of salvation is presented in way that requires you to accept it (and you should). Yet, what is often missing is the reality that we did not do the initial inviting, Jesus did.

1 John 4:19 KJV. “We love him, because he first loved us.

Jesus is inviting us to follow HIM! It’s not the other way around. In this confusion we place ourselves, once again at the center of it all. This is why it is easy for us to disregard the voice of wisdom because we think (rather foolishly) that we are somehow in control.

Many times in the New Testament Jesus commands (and it is a command) people to follow him. Some did, many did not. But Jesus never begged anyone to get on the bus, he just kept on rolling. Don’t miss the voice of wisdom, because the voice of wisdom is going to keep on rolling and we get to choose to take the ride.

Have a blessed week.


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