Canceling Christmas

I remember hearing a while back about some parents who decided that because their children had broken a family heirloom and lied about it, they would be cancelling Christmas for all 3 of their children. While I do believe it is appropriate to discipline our children for not telling the truth I believe these parents […]

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Glory and Consequence.

I heard a story recently about a man at a Star Bucks drive through who felt compelled by God to pay for the coffee for the person behind him. So he did, and the person that he paid for was so touched that he paid for the car behind him. This continued uninterrupted for hours. […]

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Just ask!

One of the biggest (and most dangerous) assumptions that we can make as Christians especially around Christmas time is that “none of my friends want me to invite them to Church.” Christmas eve stands as an incredible opportunity to invite those close to us who do not have a relationship with Jesus and/or those who […]

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Take the ride.

This past Saturday and Sunday I asked a question that has been running around in my head all week. “Why does the voice of wisdom threaten me?” In asking the question I realized the truth; I sometimes don’t want to hear from God or from others who have wisdom for me because I usually know […]

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