Thank God for the gift of memory

Wow! What a great weekend of ministry for Life’s Oasis. I just want to say how overwhelmed I was by the giving that happened through the canned food drive and the Thanksgiving baskets. During Thanksgiving it is often easy to get stuck on the first part of the word “thanks” and never move on to the giving part. There is also a distinction between feeling thankful and showing gratitude. Thankful is what you feel in your heart while grateful is what you do with your life. One of the reasons we often fail to show gratitude is because we are a people who tend to forget easily what God has done, where God has brought us to, and what God is currently doing.

When Abraham Lincoln called for a national day of “Thanksgiving” he did so knowing that people quickly forget that there was a price paid for our current situation and circumstances. We often forget that we have ancestors that stretch back generations and that there have been men and women who have gone before us and have paved the way for where we are today. We forget about the sacrifices our parents or great grandparents made to get us this far. We forget about the great men and women of faith who shined a light in dark times. And, we forget about the ultimate price that was paid for us, a savior who died on a cross so that we could have a relationship with the giver of all good things.

So as we turn our attention toward our families, food and fellowship, let us not forget that it was not always this way. Let us thank God for the gift of memory. Let us not forget the price and in doing so neglect the gift. And, may we live the rest of our lives in honor of what God has done, and will do.

Happy Thanksgiving Church.


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