One of the things that I have done and that I have found many other Christians doing is a sort of reasoning out of a particular issue in a way that can discount for anything that the word of God says, while also trying to hold onto that claim that Jesus is Lord. Wanting our sin and our forgiveness too is not a new idea but there is a certain kind of thought process that begins that is often unaware of itself. One of the warning sings of this is when you know that God says something in his word and you find yourself, to quote W.C. Feilds “looking for loopholes.” Looking for loopholes is not looking for wisdom. Whenever we approach God’s word we need to be ready to have our lives submitted to it, otherwise we will find ourselves in a peculiar position of thinking that there is something unique about our present circumstances that God must account for.

So here are some helpful questions to ask yourself to see if you are struggling in this area of obedience.

1. Is there anything that comes to mind that I immediately want to ignore?
2. Is there anything in my life that may not be a sin, but I wouldn’t want to have to explain it to someone.
3. Is there anything in my life that I’m hiding?

It’s true that all of us have these areas of life that often don’t get talked about and stay in darkness but I want to encourage you, wherever you are with God that repentance is as simple as trusting God with the consequences of doing the right thing. You know you’re in trouble when the sin that you are tempted with starts making a whole lot of sense. Just because it makes sense to you doesn’t make it right.


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