Car Ride Catechism

Last night I posted a little comment, and slight joke about the increase in condescending religious billboards the closer you get to the south. While I do agree it’s better to have those than some stripper billboards or even Hardee. I do think it brings up an important thought that we should consider when talking with people about Jesus.

First of all, one of the things that I’ve learned since being here at Georgianna is that it is sometimes better to ask a question than to give an answer. I remember my first experience with small groups and I felt that I had to be “bible answer man.” Instead of letting people wrestle with what God was saying I felt that I had to step in and be the great explainer. What I realize now is that I wasn’t allowing God to work in peoples hearts because I wasn’t really trusting the holy spirit to affect and change them the way that He had changed me. I thought I had to lead the person to figure things out the way that I had figured them out. What I know now is that some people need to live in the tension of a tough question so that they will seek out God for the answer.

My point is, I don’t think it’s good to be a “billboard Christian.” Billboards are loud, big and for the most part don’t begin a conversation, they end one. Billboards don’t pose a question to struggle under. They just give you an answer to a question you weren’t asking or didn’t know to ask. One of the billboards I saw said “Jesus is Lord and you know it.” That assumes a lot of things. It assumes that I can read, that I know who Jesus is, and that I believe in him on any level before I even believe he is lord.

What about a billboard that said “Who is Lord of your life?” Sure I could ignore this, but it is a question that no one can really ignore for very long. Posing questions gets people thinking. Our life should be a great riddle that can only be unraveled by the single thread of God’s love, not big words in the sky. People should ask about the hope that we have, and they can only do that when we live in such a way that makes people lean in and ask a question.


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