An open letter to Pastor/Authors

I have been following you all now for a while and while I haven’t written a book that has ever been published, I have read of the ones you have written. If you have written a book about church leadership, this really isn’t directed toward you. This is more for those who write books involving getting “radical” or “unleashed” or “crazy train” or something like that. Here’s the deal guys. You use way too many exclamation points.

Seriously. Calm it down. When you over use an exclamation point, it robs you of saying anything really powerful. I’m really surprised that your editors haven’t noticed this. Again, I’m not the best writer, nor am I good at punctuation, grammar or spelling but the exclamation points have gotten out of hand.

I really think it stems from the idea that has been floating at the top of the punch bowl of christendom for a while now. The idea has taken many forms but it’s probably best summed up with “real Christianity.” You (Pastor/Author) want us all to be all in sold out powerhouses for Jesus. You want us to be the most pumped up crazy fanatical authentic passionate lovers of Jesus and people. But I look around and while I might see some incremental, small minor changes in my own life and in the lives of those who have read your books, I’m not seeing this big huge explosion of Holy Spirit in everyone’s life. You include great stories of incredible people that you say are just ordinary people who do or have done incredible things and I start to get the idea that being a “real Christian” has become something of an idol, which is sort of ironic.

I’m not saying there aren’t good things in your books, nor am I saying that I haven’t grown personally or been challenged to change. I have. However, I don’t see Jesus rallying the troops in ever escalating “God-dares.” Jesus never had to try to be radical because He simply was. Perhaps this is my real bedrock issue here. Jesus didn’t pep talk his disciples into frenzied super ministers.

I know that you would mostly agree with me, and I may be taking this “!” a little too far. Yet, I do feel and rather strongly that we don’t need to be focused on trying to be a super Christian, nearly as much as we should be focused on Christ. Which I do believe is the point most of your books make, which could be made even better without a particular point.



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