5 Disturbing implications in Wreck it Ralph.

For the last two weeks there has been one movie that has been playing non stop at my house because all kids have an a superhuman ability for monotony

“Wreck it Ralph”

I think it’s a great movie, genuinely fun and funny at times and it has nice call backs from old school games.

But there are some seriously disturbing implications that I have not been able to stop thinking about. So here is a little list.

1. No one is unique.

The premiss of Wreck it Ralph is a pretty simple one. (oh, yeah there are going to be major spoilers but the movie came out like 2 years ago so…) An arcade is the home to a bunch of video game characters who in classic Toy Story fashion, have their own lives when no one is looking. The problem is, this arcade is one of hundreds if not thousands like it. There are possibly thousands of Ralphs and other characters. Basically the arcade is one universe in a multi-verse of video game characters. Which brings us to the next problem.

2. Is this story playing out a different way in another arcade?

You would have to assume that since Ralph wants to be a good guy in this arcade after 30 years, that maybe in another arcade or in every other arcade this is happening. If it’s happening in every single one, maybe that’s just the way his code works (keep in mind, these are lines of code that are somehow alive). This means that the same story is playing out, maybe with minor differences or with huge differences or maybe this Ralph that we are seeing is some sort of glitch.

3. Accept your code

Everyone has their part to play and no one questions it. The arcade characters seem like they have free will but the only characters that seem to really have free will are the ones who reject their programing. Ralph wants to be a hero, Turbo wants to race and be popular, Penelope wants to be a racer. All these characters (with the exception of Penelope who really was coded to be a racer) are going against what they were designed to do. Everyone else sticks with the program… literally.

4. Anyone’s identity can be changed.

King Candy AKA Turbo AKA the bad guy of the movie knows how to access the code underneath everything, giving him God like abilities. He changes the code to Sugar Rush (the racing game that he’s infiltrated after his game gets put out of order) to make him the King and tries to delete Penelope (who is the rightful ruler). But if he can do this, couldn’t he also make his code superior. He changes his appearance, so couldn’t he make himself the fastest racer?

5. The Code always wins

At the end of the movie Ralph goes back to being the “bad guy” that he was designed to be. Penelope goes back to being the princess and racer of Sugar Rush. Everyone goes back to their default factory settings basically. There are a few changes, but they mainly involve Ralph accepting who he is. Essentially, Ralph’s position doesn’t change. The code wins in the end. There is no real free will I guess in this movie.



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