Big T. Little t.

Last night I bumped into some fine learned friends who understand, well they pretty much understand everything better than me and we had a very short chat about absolute truth and relative truth. Now, this isn’t a subject I have done a ton of reading on but I have a blog and I have books on my shelf so I suppose that gives me a least the right to attempt some sort of logical deduction when it comes to truth. If anything this may be a healthy exercise for me to get my thoughts out in some discernible fashion (of which I have considerable trouble from time to time). So here it goes.

First I must say that I firmly believe (and I hope to prove it) that truth, of the absolute variety stands outside my perception. Basically I don’t believe in purely relative truth, though I do believe that there are truths that are relative. Yet, I don’t maintain that all truths are relative because that in itself would stand as an absolute.

But when I speak of relative truths, what I’m really referring to (for the most part) is “preference.” Like how I prefer to use “but” to start a sentence even though it’s not me grammaring good.

I would actually postulate that the little t (relative truths) are how we got into this whole mess of sin and death in the first place. We prefer some things to others and sometimes our preferences have to do not picking what God has said to be absolutely true.

So there are preferences sure, but in the end those aren’t the things that ultimately matter. If you were to believe in a purely evolutionary and naturalistic world then you would have no reason to care for any truth because “why care?” According that that model the universe is just going to expand so much that eventually all matter and energy will cease. I don’t think our preference of taco joint or which color green we like the best will matter much then.

Simply, without God (an establisher of absolute truth) there is no accounting for any relative truth. With God in the equation I have relative perspective because it is a gift. Without Him there is no relative truth because there is no such thing as any truth.

So can we fully comprehend absolute truth? Probably not, not yet anyway but we can understand enough of it to know it’s there and to have some relative truths. I can know that God made everything and science is helping us to describe how he did it, but we aren’t there yet.



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