Provoked and Running

I was sharing an idea with some wonderful people from First Baptist of Merritt Island today. The hopeful idea that I have swirling in my synapses has to do with a robust and joyful competition that I think is healthy between churches. Not something that falls into a power grab or divisional rivalry but something more akin to when two runners in the Olympics are running for the same country. They both want to be first, but they would love to see the other right behind them. Both runners feel this and so they cause each other to run faster, further and better.

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: -Hebrews 10:24

I think it is important for us to actually consider this and how we may do it. I know that I am encouraged when I see other area youth pastors reaching students and ministering to them well. I am also encouraged when I see healthy churches growing and “giving themselves away.”

I think the reason that positive provoking does not occur is because too often churches get stuck thinking that they are the only ones running the race. They lose sight of their team, and choose to run alone. None of us need to run alone. So, this idea is really a small one, but as the few of us were discussing today it could be a very powerful one. I pray to see the day when all the churches on the island could run together.


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