Don’t text and walk on water.

Pre-deciding is at it’s heart authentic faith in practice. 

One of the things that I have noticed that seems to happen quite often is that whenever we start to promote camp or a mission trip or something that we know God is going to use to grow your faith and build relationships and have you do so you’ll really be the church there is some hesitation. 

This hesitation comes in a certain form that I want to address tonight but I want it to be clear that this hesitation comes from a lack of pre-deciding which really is failure to put faith into practice.

Here is what I (we) hear and see (from many of you) every time there is something awesome that God wants to do. 

Are my friends going?

 Is it going to be fun? 

Is THIS person going to be there?

Let me text my friends and find out if they are going. (If you have to text your friends to see if you are going to come to youth based on what your friends are doing, you are following, you’re just not following Jesus.) 

READ: Matthew 14:22-33

Peter pre-decided “If it’s Jesus, I’m there!” 

I want to go where he goes

I want to do what he does

I will follow him no matter where it leads

Spirit lead me to where my trust is without boarders! (because with Jesus all things are possible)

Peter didn’t wait to see if John and Matthew were going too. He didn’t text them to find out. He didn’t look behind him to see if anyone would come with him. He said, Lord if it’s you!

That’s all that mattered. What sets Peter apart is that he doesn’t wait to see if anyone is going to go out on the water with him. He can see that Jesus is there and that is worth risking everything for.

2. You can’t walk on water if you don’t get out of the boat. 

If you are stale and dry in your relationship with God, maybe it’s because God has placed you in an ocean of living water and you just haven’t taken a drink. You can’t go where you have never been and do what you have never done if you don’t take the first step. 

3. Walking on water may lead to getting wet. 

It didn’t work out perfectly for Peter. He got distracted and took a dive. But Peter took a chance. He did what only one other person has ever done. AND Even though Peter sank, God was still there to catch him. God didn’t leave him in the water and just say, well sucks for you man. 

4. In the end all the disciples worshiped Jesus but only one of them got to walk on water. 

In the midst of the supernatural and human failure God meets us and when he does we just can’t help but worship. 


Camp is coming up and it is going to be awesome. Online registration opens next Sunday. What is going to keep you from stepping out?

See, I don’t believe that asking your friends if they are going is a bad thing. But pre-decide today what you will do. If Jesus is going to be there why wouldn’t you want to go, and look I know that not everyone will be able to do camp, I know that life happens and maybe God has something else for you, but the point is this. We fail to pre-decide because we aren’t deciding on faith. 

If you are wondering every Sunday night if you are going to go to youth and you will only come if your friends come, then you have to ask yourself “who am I following?” And no one else may come with you, and you may be the only one, but Jesus will be there. Is He enough for you to risk it? Is He enough? 


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