Consistency: A lesson I am daily learning.

This Sunday Corky will give a sermon on consistency. This is probably one of the most significant things that I have learned here at Georgianna, specifically under the leadership and influence of Pastor Corky. I have never witnessed inside or outside of ministry a person who displayed this character trait better than Corky. And it is something that I have been intentionally trying to get into my head and heart when it comes to what I do. My natural tendency is to get bored with something as soon as I have figured enough of it out to satisfy my curiosity or interest. This attitude and approach has spilled into the rest of the way I work. This is why I moved from job to job for so long. And it wasn’t that I was getting bored, I just thought something else looked like a better opportunity.

Since being at Georgianna I have found that a consistent presence has been more beneficial than going from one thing to the next. Relationships are what ministry is built on and those take time to develop and flourish. It is hard to believe that on June 1st I will be entering my 5th year at Georgianna. In that time I have met and known some incredible people that have really shaped who I am today. I have learned so much here but that one lesson about being consistent is one that I am continually learning. I’m not there yet, but I have great examples all around me of what can be accomplished by being consistent.


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