small gods carry big guns

I recently heard a US General make the claim that the sword that Jesus will carry when He returns will not be a literal sword, but an AR-15.


(Pictured above: A literal AR-15.)

General Boykin also claims that the blood staining Jesus’ robe will be from the blood of his enemies. Basically, the image we get of Jesus is more like Arnold in the Predator.


(Pictured above: Prince of Pieces)

But what is even more alarming is that Boykin claims that the second amendment is from the Bible and then says that he can’t prove it but he knows it. Just like he knows an AR-15 is coming back with Jesus.

This sort of “just making things up” when it comes to the Bible is dangerous. But this doesn’t represent a minority view of that passage or scripture or who God actually is. Yes I think Jesus is coming back with a sword, but “the sword” is consistently used in scripture as an image for “the word of God.” What does God need with an AR-15? The bigger issue again is to try and turn the constitution into the 3rd part of the Bible. The constitution is not scripture. Yes it has some ideas built around a Christian faith but building things on a Christian foundation is not the same as building them on Christ. Jesus is not returning to promote America to some celestial position of supreme dominance or importance. He is not coming to equip us all with fully auto shot-guns (as cool as they are). Jesus is not returning to complete the constitution. If you think God is pro America or pro Constitution, your God is too small and probably needs a big gun to compensate.


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