Pinky Promises

As I have learned recently “moths eat, rust destroys and thieves steal.” In addition there are some thoughts that I have not yet been able to transfer to the level of a 4 year old. It is not that as if 4 year olds need talking down too, to the contrary. It is that I have not mastered the art of saying something simply, while keeping all of it’s truth, beauty and weight. The Gospel is good because it is simple, even a child can understand it. As my daughter told me this morning, “We are celebrating Valentines day because of Jesus!” Amen.

 All of that is to say that I wrote this next bit in a card for my daughter on this valentines day and I know that this card will be lost eventually. Maybe it will go in some craft project for extra clippings. Maybe it will find it’s way under a cushion or dresser and remain there world without end. 


I never knew my heart could love the way it does when I look at you. I never thought I could help make something as beautiful as you. I never knew how much joy your presence would bring in my life. I never thought I would know the delight of butterfly kisses, pinky promises and “hug & kiss.” 

And I would never know any of these things if I didn’t know you.

I love you,



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