With no sun block.

Yesterday’s message was about as encouraging to me as any that I’ve ever heard. I hope and pray that I can become as good at Pastor Corky at honoring people the way he does. Sunday was a day of drawing a line in the sand and inviting everyone to cross it. We care about children and youth because God cares about them. We serve our youth ministry because they are the church too. I know that many students and parents walked away yesterday feeling very encouraged that they were on the right track and that consistency has a cumulative value. There were also parents who left yesterday feeling life failures and I just want to say that it is never too late to be the Mother or Father that you want your children to become. You may have lost ground but you are not out of the race. God picks us up where we are, not where we should have been and it is because of His grace that we are able to put one foot in front of the other. 

Because of Corky’s passionate sermon on the importance of youth ministry I half expected there to be 100 students last night. But I also know that many will hear the word, but only a few will actually do it. And Corky is absolutely right, who you do life with influences the direction and quality of your life. He said “show me your friends and I’ll show you the next 40 years of your life.” God wants us to surround ourselves with people living in the light. Provost should feel like a cramped tanning bed. 



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