Let that sink in.

Came across this quote in my notes from “The Tension is Good” Catalyst event from a few years back. I don’t remember what the pig meant. “The next generation isn’t leaving your church because they don’t want to be Christian. They’re leaving because they didn’t find any Christians there. ” – Gabe Lyons   Advertisements

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Is God anti-gay? Book Review

I have just finished a wonderful book by Sam Allberry called “Is God anti-gay?” This is probably a question that rests at the heart of much of what our culture is currently debating in the public square. I believe this book would be helpful to any one who experiences same sex attraction as well as […]

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small gods carry big guns

I recently heard a US General make the claim that the sword that Jesus will carry when He returns will not be a literal sword, but an AR-15. (Pictured above: A literal AR-15.) General Boykin also claims that the blood staining Jesus’ robe will be from the blood of his enemies. Basically, the image we […]

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Pinky Promises

As I have learned recently “moths eat, rust destroys and thieves steal.” In addition there are some thoughts that I have not yet been able to transfer to the level of a 4 year old. It is not that as if 4 year olds need talking down too, to the contrary. It is that I […]

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