A Field Hockey Grape Stomp.

Prioritizing time is not something that most of us consciously do other than when we are reminded to do so or if it is the start of a new year. We are however always prioritizing our time because we are always making choices about what we will do next. We don’t often think about how we choose the next thing or the order but we choose non the less. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the urgent/important graph for figuring out what goes where. I’m talking about how we actually spend our day in all those moment that aren’t being directed by the god of the spread sheets. Time is the one thing we can’t make any more of so it’s really important to understand that we can’t get any of it back either.

Part of one of the frustrations of being a youth pastor or of being in ministry in general is that you often see people vote with their feet all the while their mouth is confessing something else. People often let the grapes fall right out of their mouth and proceed to stomp all over them. Yesterday, Sunday, the Lord’s day I was driving to the Church building to worship God with some of the most wonderful people I have ever known in my life. It brings me much joy to say that driving to Georgianna always carries anticipation because I love my Church. On the way I looked to my right and saw a lacrosse team practicing.

Now, this isn’t me having a case of the “low attendance blues.” But it broke my heart to know that even if these people are believers their priorities are in need of some spring cleaning. There is nothing wrong with lacrosse. There is nothing wrong with practicing. The problem, and the responsibility falls to that of the adults, the coaches and the parents. When I see a field of teenagers practicing on Sunday I don’t just see that as the problem. The deeper issue is that the coaches aren’t putting God first. No parent has set a proper boundary. Could all of these people have just come from Church? Sure. Could they be Saturday night service attenders? Possibly.

The lesson is for us though, not them. How are we spending our time? Do we put God first?



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