More on Failing Forward

I wanted to expand on a little bit about failing forward.

Failing forward means to view failure as an opportunity to change, learn and grow. I heard our Pastor say one time in a sermon “every set back is a set up for a come back.”

Failing forward is first and foremost a choice. Because you can either fail forward or fail backward. Failing forward means being teachable and understanding that you always have something more to learn.

Failing backward means becoming more entrenched in the attitude, beliefs or actions that got you in where you are. I think we have all seen really stubborn people get stuck somewhere if for no other reason than they were not able to take responsibility for their bad choices.

If you are dealing with a setback today you have an opportunity to view it differently, to learn and grow. Maybe you have already failed at a new years resolution. Don’t give up! You can’t get to where you want to be if you are constantly circling back to where you started. And don’t be overwhelmed with the prospect of having to change, because changing isn’t something you will even need to focus on doing.


Song: Theme song for Caillou (hey I don’t pick them… consciously)


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