Failing Forward

A while back I remember hearing a story that Kevin Smith told about the time he tried to make a Superman movie. It’s a really funny story and you could probably find it on youtube. In it, he said that there was this producer in hollywood that he had to meet named John Peters who started as Barbra Streisand’s hair dresser and became a movie producer. Kevin Smith then said “because that’s how things work in hollywood, you just fail upwards.”

Story of my life.

Since then I’ve taken to calling this little anomaly “failing forward” because I like alliteration. The idea is essentially the same. There are so many books on succeeding, but there are few on failing and even fewer on failing successfully. Yet, I think when we look at our lives carefully we will see that it has really been a mixed bag of successes and failures and I think how we handle our failures is really important.

Now, I don’t think anyone should go out seeking failure, for if that was the case you would find it for certain. But, I have often learned the most from the times that I’ve not done well. I think God made me this way for a specific purpose, perhaps it’s to help others who have trouble with failure.

Learn to fail forward, if for any other reason because there is not other constructive way to fail.

“Splendor or To the birds” by Quite Science.


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