Dealing Death Rattles

One of the things that has always troubled me about the death penalty is that everyone gets one eventually. We know that Christ paid for the penalty of sin, and the penalty for sin is death, but not the physical kind of death but the eternal kind which is, as one could only imagine much worse. So our bodies still physically die, and this is what I mean about a “death penalty.” And this is where we can start to see that if death is a penalty for a crime, and everyone dies (physically) then what has everyone done to deserve such a penalty? So in my view the “death penalty” as a way of dealing with criminals and those who have done terrible things seems more like moot point than anything else. Why kill this person? I don’t really see what it accomplishes, seeing as how time will eventually rid us of such a person and there will undoubtably be another to take their place.

I say this understanding that we live in a world of school shootings, resource driven wars, suicide bombers, genocide capable weaponry, and reality television. Do such crimes deserve the death penalty? Assuredly, but I think it’s important to note that it is built into our world, it’s the consequence for sin and therefore we all will receive it.

This is why when I see that we are running out of drugs that “kill instantly” and we are having to cause suffering and harm that falls into “cruel and unusual” punishment I think it may be time for us to reconsider this whole approach. Though I imagine hell on earth will look less like a furnace and more like a waiting room with sedated eyes, eggshell painted walls, a curtain and a “doctor.”

In this blood soaked culture it is then no surprise that a majority of society no longer sees an unborn child as less than human, for we have already classed those whom we don’t care for as such. There will be an outcry for a convicted murderer and for the suffering he endured, ironically his crime was killing a soon to be mother and her unborn child.


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