5 things my Father has taught me.

I want to take a moment and reflect on what I feel have been the most important things that my father has taught me.

1. Any seemingly impossible task, when broken down into smaller ones becomes not only possible but easier.

This lesson I learned with my Father teaching me music and how to practice one bar at a time. Break things down into smaller pieces or in other words; you eat the elephant one bite at a time.

2. Question Everything.

I believe one of the central reasons that I am a Christian today is because I have never stopped asking questions. When you ask better questions you get better answers.

3. Humor and Satire are sharp weapons against despair and tyranny.

Laughing at the Simpsons helped us learn to laugh at ourselves and that is a good thing. But humor and satire can change perspective in ways most coercion never can.

4. You can learn something from anyone.

5. Ask forgiveness quickly, and forgive even more.

Happy Birthday Dad.


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