On Preaching to an Older Crowd

It is my personal belief that when you are climbing a mountain you don’t listen to the people at the bottom yell up instructions on what you should do instead. Rather, you listen to those climbing with you, or even better those who have already reached the top. This isn’t to say that those at the bottom of the mountain are some how less for being there, or that they don’t have wisdom or insight into climbing. It’s just hard to try and focus on the task at hand when you are constantly looking behind to see what everyone thinks. I say this in the context of our overly opinionated culture, or rather our inability to not share our opinions (of which I am chief offender). So it’s also important to remember where we are in relation to the people whom we would give advice.

This is one of the main reasons that preaching to a Church (ages 5-95) is much more complicated and challenging than simply preaching to a group of teenagers. This Sunday I have the honor and privilege of opening God’s word to His people and sharing and I must always remember where I am in relation to all those with whom I am entrusted. Preaching to anyone older than me has always been something that has made me uneasy because I feel that I don’t really have anything for them that they haven’t heard before. This is why it is so important for me to stay close to the scriptures and not stray into my opinion of things, for even at the bottom of the mountain, with God’s word I can start climbing.



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