A Field Hockey Grape Stomp.

Prioritizing time is not something that most of us consciously do other than when we are reminded to do so or if it is the start of a new year. We are however always prioritizing our time because we are always making choices about what we will do next. We don’t often think about how […]

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More on Failing Forward

I wanted to expand on a little bit about failing forward. Failing forward means to view failure as an opportunity to change, learn and grow. I heard our Pastor say one time in a sermon “every set back is a set up for a come back.” Failing forward is first and foremost a choice. Because […]

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In defense of Sherman.

Imagine: For the last 4 hours you have been engaged in a physical, emotional and mental battle for your role in the history books. Your opponent has publicly criticized you and you have been fighting him all game long. This game has become a war. Your very life’s purpose and relevance seems to be crushed […]

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Failing Forward

A while back I remember hearing a story that Kevin Smith told about the time he tried to make a Superman movie. It’s a really funny story and you could probably find it on youtube. In it, he said that there was this producer in hollywood that he had to meet named John Peters who […]

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Just for fun.

So I have this weird little thing that happens to me every morning and I’ve talked about it before with some people but I thought that this year I would try and do something cool with it. Every morning I wake up with a song in my head. I don’t decide what song, a song […]

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Dealing Death Rattles

One of the things that has always troubled me about the death penalty is that everyone gets one eventually. We know that Christ paid for the penalty of sin, and the penalty for sin is death, but not the physical kind of death but the eternal kind which is, as one could only imagine much […]

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