Get real.

There is something that I have observed many times over in student ministry and I’m still trying to come up with a term for it but for now lets call it “revertism” and perhaps those who practice it “hypocritters”

Most people and especially teenagers are very concerned with being “genuine.” And this is perhaps doubly true for teenagers professing to be Christian, or at least those coming to youth group. So this scenario goes something like this; A student is experiencing the pull of the world and the temptation to engage in something that doesn’t seem to jive with the whole following Jesus thing. So instead of looking like a hypocrite they decide to just stop going to church or youth group so they appear, you know… more authentic.

Now, what really drops the gravel in my gravy with this is that by trying to appear authentic they are actually being completely disingenuous to what they know to be true. At some point our beliefs as Christians will cause some discomfort because God’s way is not our way.



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