The Everlasting Man

I have a belief that when Jesus said “the path to life is narrow” it was because so few people were on it, not because there wasn’t enough room.

The path widens when more people get on it and that is a good thing. I think God is in the road construction business. And it is this time of year that reminds us that God is still making lanes for people.

Christianity is not exclusive, it’s entirely inclusive. It is the most inclusive of faiths and that is because we have the most inclusive of saviors.

So while there are those that are worried there is some war on Christmas, we must remember that it has outlasted empires, dictators, commercialism, Christians, non-believers, non-believers who think they are believers, persecutions and majority rule.

The reason that Christmas will not go away is because Jesus will not go away. He’s alive. He’s the everlasting man.

So lets get to work making some more lanes and invite everyone we know to take the ride.


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