Duck, Duck, Goose.

I just want to begin by saying that I’ve never watched an episode of Duck Dynasty. First, I don’t have cable, I have an antenna that picks up some really good HD signal. I get the usual stations and they are enough for me to watch football so I’m content. Second. I have a beard, though not as long as any of those duck guys because I trim it and I have marginal grooming standards. Also, this post is going to cover a lot of things about Duck Dynasty, reality television, homosexuality and Christians in culture. I’m going try and fit it all into one post and do my best to address the subject at hand. So you may have heard (I saw it through a facebook post) that one of the DD guys has been kicked off the show because he answered a question about whether or not homosexuality is a sin. The person posting this is a confessing Christian and is siding with the Duck guy. Apparently Christians are really good at siding with Ducks and Chickens (fil-a). Yet for all of our fowl fellowship we have forgotten the dove.

Now I take no issue with what Phil Robertson said. He’s a Christian and he believes the Bible. The Bible says homosexuality is a sin, just like any other sex outside of marriage (that’s a lot by the way). Now before someone wants to lump me in the judgement pile with all the other misfit toys, I want to say that there is a big difference between calling something a sin, and judging a sinner. It is also important to see the inherent hypocrisy that often comes up in these little scuffles. Take the racists or bullies for instance. Racists and bullies hate people or a certain type of people and they have created (in near equal proportion) a feed back of hate towards them. Racists are intolerant and in turn breed intolerance for themselves. Basically, there are a lot of people who hate racists. There are people who hate homophobes and see them everywhere. My question is then, what is the difference between the hate the racist has for a black man and the hate someone has for the racist? Turns out hate is hate. And there is a huge difference between hating a person and disagreeing with a person.

Here is the issue that I take with the way most Christians are going to handle this. You will see sides drawn, just like the Chick Fil-a thing. Everyone is going to come out and side with the LGBT community or Christians and this is the wrong fight. “And they will know that you are my disciples by the way you rally around what you are against.”  This isn’t what Jesus said. And didn’t we learn anything with Chick fil-a? Plus, where is the delight in persecutions (if this is one?) from Christians? Didn’t Paul say that he found joy in all suffering?

A&E has made their choice, and it isn’t one that is somehow against the rules. But A&E had to have seen this coming right?

The last thing I want to say for now is that I think there is a real problem with the way our culture (especially the Christian variety) seems to embrace a sort of anti-intellectualism. I witnessed this when I went to Catalyst this year and they brought out “Si” to talk about his new book. Now, I’m sure Si is a nice man and all but it was painful to listen to him talk. But it wasn’t just that he wasn’t a very good speaker, it was almost as if the crowd enjoyed his dumbed down, simple minded, awe shucks approach. This is what really alarms me. It’s what alarms me about reality television in general.


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