The Kool-Aid Man Cometh

There is an article found here that claims that life does not exist.

This article and the subsequent ideas that flow from it stands as a good example of bad science. The whirlwind of questions that spring from this idea are many and I will attempt to sort them into their proper genus.

The first implication is that if all life is not really life at all but just more complex machines. But then what are machines? If life is measured only by an arrangement of complex organic matter, and since organic matter is no different, just more complex than inorganic matter (according to Jabr) then not only is there no possibility for a “ghost in the machine” but there is no ghost in me, let alone a holy one.

The second is that if there is no life then what exactly is death, not not life? If something is never alive then it can never die. But that means that every funeral I have ever been to is not really a funeral at all but just a recognition of the person who existed but never really lived. This means that death is not really death but just an absence of matter that moved in a way that made it appear to be alive.

But then what does it mean for something to appear to be alive? See, we are created beings, and because of this we look for things that look, and act like us. We like to find faces on toast, and in planetary mountain ranges but we know they are not alive, but they are also not dead nor can they be.

This is one of those instances where the quivering pile of gelatinous matter that is Ferris Jabr has tried to outsmart all the reasoning that came before him by abandoning reason all together. But that’s just what this particular ooze does at that temperature I suppose.

Finally, science can only work when something is assumed. The first assumption being that science works at all. You can’t build a house when you keep changing the location for the foundation and you especially can’t build one when you keep rejecting any foundation laid. If we say there is no life, we might as well say there is no Ferris Jabr.


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