Consumerism as Birthright

I imagine that for most Thanksgiving was shopping shotgun day part one. This sort of myopic view of this season is at least a collective psychotic episode and at most a cultural delusion of idolatry. Neither of which is a good thing.

It should come as no shock that our commercial infused existence has been drastically altered by the background radiation noise left over from the big bang of the industrial revolution. First they made lots of cars, then they realized that war economy wasn’t going to last so they had to convince you that you needed a new one even though your car was fine. Brain wash, rinse and repeat.

But what is perhaps even more shocking is how easy it is even for the most lucid of us to fall into the consumerism trap. Even more alarming is how any sort of attempting to back away from the coercion of such rampant mis appropriation of wealth seems to be dismissed as some sort of false humility or modesty.

So as you traverse this holiday season of great deals I would implore you to look at the things you have and ask yourself “have I given thanks?”



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