Debates on God Part 1.

A couple of days ago I was asked to give some evidence for God’s existence.

The person asking is a believer (more specifically a Christian) and had gotten into a sort of debate with someone on the subject who wanted some proof. This is essentially how I answered him.

The first thing one must do when asked for evidence of anything is to qualify what evidence will be accepted. I have often found those opposed to the idea of God seem to have a list of acceptable evidence, yet when pressed they seem to have no idea what exactly is on the list or where the list presides exactly. So in order to qualify what evidence will be allowed in a debate or conversation  we need to go searching for what exactly will be accepted.

Now, the way I do this is to ask a question that is pretty simple. To the unbeliever I say. “What if God appeared to you and introduced himself as God, would you believe it then?” Of course the answer of yes is hardly given from an atheist, but it doesn’t really matter what the answer is because the point is that the “god sighting” could have just been a hallucination, or perhaps you have been drugged. Or maybe, you’re going mad. How could you know that an encounter with God was really God? More over, how could you prove it? Isn’t it just a subjective experience that would be unquantifiable? But the answer is usually “no, I would not believe it was God.” because a good skeptical atheist would not trust their own senses.

This leads us to our second question. “So if you are not willing to accept the evidence of your senses with an encounter with God, what will you accept? Because apparently the Bible is not enough, nor is what anyone else has written on the matter. If you won’t accept your own senses or testimony from others, what will you accept?” The answer to this would then get boiled down to “logic” or “reason.” Yet before we talk about those things it must be understood that this person has already abandoned both. And we must show that this person is holding the concept of God to a completely different standard than say a black hole. (which they undoubtedly believe because someone important, whom they trust wrote it down.)

Now that we have shown that no evidence that I could conjure would suffice for someone who is opposed to God, it appears we have discovered the real issue here. “Choice.”

As Christians we must remember what Psalm 14:1 teaches us. “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” This means that belief in God is not a logical conclusion reached first, it is a decision based on a desire that one then finds reasons to support.

Lastly, for all those who find themselves backed against a corner in the god/not god debate, we should know and believe what scripture says here. Choosing not to believe in God is a decision made first from the heart. Staunch atheists when asked if they want there to be a god will tell you definitively that they do not. This is because they, like everyone else are sinners.


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