Wasting time

All of us will die. This much is clear. Our life here on this earth is ticking down. This understanding makes such a question like “What would you be willing to die for?” quite easy to answer, because at this very moment you are doing it. 

Life is always being spent and we are choosing what we spend it on (if we have been so blessed to make it this far in the spending) 

So how we choose to spend the time given to us is the only real choice we need to make. Our intentions are the only real mortal thing about us. Yet even they will judged. Unfulfilled Intentions are the aborted children of our soul. So it is then not the space they inhabit that we take notice of, but their absence, like empty chairs at the dinner table. 

Your life is the answer to the question. Or to quote Muse “Don’t waste time or time will waste you.” 


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