Post Baby/Birthday Updates

Please pardon my absence for the last week or so. I did not leave the planet. Rather, my third child was born on November 6th. His name is Joshua Watson Bowman and it has been a joy to have another son in the home. The kids love him dearly and are frankly a little too helpful. But I suppose that is to be expected. We are adjusting to life now in this season.

Also, I recently celebrated my 30th birthday. My wife organized a surprise birthday party that completely caught me off guard. It was grand and it was wonderful to see so many people that I love and that I have known. Recent events have really had me thinking about how blessed I am. I look at my life and think “I don’t deserve any of this.” And it is true I really don’t. But to quote the movie Unforgiven, “Derserves got nothing to do with it.”

There will be more posts soon.


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