Debates on God Part 1.

A couple of days ago I was asked to give some evidence for God’s existence. The person asking is a believer (more specifically a Christian) and had gotten into a sort of debate with someone on the subject who wanted some proof. This is essentially how I answered him. The first thing one must do […]

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Thoughts on Dating

Last night I have a talk to our middle school students on Dating and I think it would be helpful to layout my views on the matter here. I will also start off by saying something that will feel offensive to many people; I don’t believe in dating. Of course I believe in it, “I’ve […]

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Wasting time

All of us will die. This much is clear. Our life here on this earth is ticking down. This understanding makes such a question like “What would you be willing to die for?” quite easy to answer, because at this very moment you are doing it.  Life is always being spent and we are choosing […]

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Lewis on the Paradox of Poverty

  “Of poverty – the affliction which actually or potentially includes all other afflictions – I would not dare to speak as from myself; and those who reject Christianity will not be moved by Christ’s statement that poverty is blessed. But here a rather remarkable fact comes to my aid. Those who would most scornfully […]

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More on Fear

Last night my men’s group came across the chapter in the book “Man in the Mirror” that deals with fear. It is a chapter that I disagree with very much in it’s premiss and while this sort of thing would mostly go unsaid I think it would be helpful to talk about what fear is […]

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Post Baby/Birthday Updates

Please pardon my absence for the last week or so. I did not leave the planet. Rather, my third child was born on November 6th. His name is Joshua Watson Bowman and it has been a joy to have another son in the home. The kids love him dearly and are frankly a little too […]

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A number of years ago I was engaged in cattle-ranching on the great plains of the western United States. There were no fences. The cattle wandered free, the ownership of each being determined by the brand; the calves were branded with the brand of the cows they followed. If on the round-up an animal was […]

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