Ugly or Pretty?

As a father of a little girl it was very disturbing for me today to learn that there is this trend on youtube called “pretty or ugly.” It is basically where girls upload a video of themselves and ask the entire world the question if she is pretty or ugly.

*long sigh.

There are so many things wrong with this that I hardly know where to begin. But first let me say that as a Father of a little girl I have made it my job, everyday to tell her that she is beautiful. I never want her to second guess how pretty that I think she is. I believe this is essential for young women to hear this, particularly from their Fathers. It is important that I echo God in all things I say and it is even better that I believe it as well.

I’m not saying that any girl who has done this hasn’t had a supportive or loving home life, after all the human desire for approval seems to be endless. However, I do think it would be safe to determine that in most of these girls lives is a feeling of inadequacy that could have been avoided.

Also, if I could address the girls doing this. Why would you care what the entire world has to say about you? I mean, you’ve been on the internet right? Don’t you know that there are people who will say the worst things just because they believe they have anonymity? Plus, since beauty in the visual sense is subjective, you are then caught between a smattering of competing opinions. How do you filter such a thing?

I think it is important for all girls to know that their worth is determined in God alone, not in the undulating mass of basement bloggers. I pray that all of these girls will come to know Christ first and that they would know they are truly beautiful because God says so.


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