Was Jesus a sissy?

Jesus doesn’t live by the sword but that doesn’t mean He won’t be carrying one on His way back.

There has been some chatter lately about whether or not Jesus is a pacifist and I think there is a lot of confusion about equating pacifism with weakness. Perhaps one of the most notable examples was and is the civil rights movement in our country. To say that sit ins and peaceful protest was weakness is to miss the point all together.

Yet, there is a type of pacifism that is weakness. If I were to let my children talk back to their mother and did nothing about it because I don’t want to “cause a problem” then I am not only avoiding my responsibility, I’m forfeiting my masculinity. This also isn’t to say that femininity should lumped into the cowardice pile, to the contrary. Christ centered confrontation is the mark of a true man or woman’s spiritual maturity.

And that is what we are really getting at here. Christ confronts. At all points and at all times. But His motivation is love and His wrath will be poured out on sin. There is a time to fight, but there is also a way to fight. The Apostle Paul tells us to “put on the armor of God” and then we are to “stand.” It takes courage to stand and restraint to let God do the fighting for us.

Lastly, this means that vengeance is the the Lord’s. If we are called to be people of peace it is not because we will not have to engage in confrontation, it just means that we are first called to love our enemies which should make it really difficult to go around killing them. This is why while we were enemies of the cross, Christ died for us. Instead of eliminating His enemies through force or coercion, God sought to transform us into His friends through His love. I think our goal should be to do the same.

And that is something worth fighting for.


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